Management and Leadership

Today‘s organizations and projects are confronted by ambitious timelines, limited budgets, and high demand for innovation.

That means that the way ahead will be paved with problems and hurdles. Conflicts and breakdowns are an unavoidable consequence.

To master such a journey, you need to be a strong group of people who is willing to fight to make it happen.

What is your situation?

  • Do you and the people of your organization form a powerful community? Are you as a larger group determined to take the challenge and is this noticeable?
  • Or do you see signs of disunity, disorientation, skepticism or silo thinking?

MARKENUNDMENSCHEN has become FOUNDATION ONE. Supporting management teams in dealing with leadership challenges is the focus of what we do. In our work with clients we put an emphasis on a well-grounded understanding of  what management and leadership really means in practice – beyond oversimplified beliefs and illusions.